Razors 7-12cm
Razors 7-12cm
Spidercrab 750g+
Spidercrab 750g+
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Wooden boxes

Consumer Sized Packaging

Wooden boxes

MAP for extended shelflife

Mesh bags

Fruits de mer 

Mesh bags packing + the Serve the sea units



That the oceans are our planets most powerful resource and that the seafood. We put the Oceans and our products first! It provides should be kept in its natural environment to be enjoyed as fresh as if it was harvested just moments before it is enjoyed. We strive to continuously improve the welfare of aquatic animals and reduce our environmental impact by limiting packaging waste as well as vastly minimizing our carbon footprint. We are, after all, but Servants of the Sea.


The property measures over 3500 m2 and is optimized to hold various shellfish and crustaceans. A high-tech biological filtration system guarantees the purest quality of seawater for the live shellfish and crustaceans. 20 tanks of 60 m2 can hold between 7 to 10 metric tonnes of live products each.






The individual tanks held inside the Ocean Perfect container are called "Serve-the-Sea Units” (SSU).

Now it is possible for every chef and food enthusiast around the world to enjoy the best quality live seafood the world has to offer.

Le Petit Pêcheur is the biggest indoor welness resort for live shellfish and crustaceans in Europe and truly unique in the world. 

The property features a giant high-tech filtration system, which ensures live seafood products are kept at the highest level of quality. The system is completely biological, with no use of chemical substances whatsoever. 

The company is based in Yerseke, Zeeland, the southwest province of The Netherlands, inside a 370 km2 protected Marine Reserve called 'Oosterschelde' - one of cleanest waters in Europe with an abundance of life; unique local species like blue lobsters, flat oysters and wildlife like porpoise, sepia and seals. 

De Tabl’Eau de Zélande oester is een Zeeuwse creuse die volgens de zogenaamde off-bottom methode op ‘tafels’ wordt gekweekt, dus van de bodem af, in tegenstelling tot de ambachtelijke Zeeuwse bodemkweekmethode. Daardoor krijgen de oesters andere kenmerken.  


De off-botom kweekmethode zorgt er voor dat de oesters een natuurlijke schoning krijgen. De continue golfslag zorgt ervoor dat de oesters steeds in beweging zijn en daarmee elkaar schoon ‘schuren’. Tevens krijgt de schelp hierdoor een andere vorm, een vorm met een diepere ‘cup’ waarin zich een mooie volle oester ontwikkelt.